Saturday, September 15, 2018

Scenes of Mild Peril

I've been absolutely rubbish at keeping this blog updated, so I'll make up for it now with some bumper news.
Firstly, I'm incredibly pleased to be able to announce the release of "Scenes of Mild Peril", my new short story collection from Stitched Smile. It's the culmination of three years of hard work, and it's by far my best work to date. Thirty brand new stories and poems; horror, science fiction, satire.
It'll shortly be available in good old-fashioned physical form for the squirrel-haters amongst you, but for the time being is available in a stupidly wide variety of electronic formats - just click here
Buy it, support it, share the news, read it, review it – I'd love to hear what you think of it. I couldn't be happier with how this has turned out, and I hope you enjoy it too.
Secondly, another of my stories - Red Sky at Night - has been publised in the newly released Under the Weather from Burdizzo Books. It's in some fine company in this 15 story weather themed anthology with tales by C.H. Baum, Paul M. Feeney, Peter Germany (my brother from another mother), Paul Hiscock, Dave Jeffery, James Jobling, Lex H. Jones, Kitty Kane, Christopher Law, Adam Millard, Dale Robertson, Nathan Robinson, Phil Sloman and Mark Woods. 
And finally, a brief plug for my fellow Burdizzo stablemate Jonathan Butcher and my wife - Jonathan's uncompromising horror novel What Good Girls Do is now available as an audiobook, narrated by Tara. It's available from Amazon, by clicking here.

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