David Court is a short story author and novelist, whose works have appeared in over a dozen venues including Tales to Terrify, Strangely Funny, Fears Accomplice and The Voices Within. Whilst primarily a horror writer, he also writes science fiction, poetry and satire. His next anthology, "Scenes of Mild Peril" is due for release by Stitched Smile Publications in 2018 and his debut comic writing will feature in TPub's Twisted Sci-Fi.

His writing style has been described as "Darkly cynical" and “Quirky and highly readable” and David can't bring himself to disagree with either of those statements. Growing up in the UK in the eighties, David's earliest influences were the books of Stephen King and Clive Barker, and the films of John Carpenter and George Romero. The first wave of Video Nasties may also have had a profound effect on his psyche.

As well as being a proud VIP writer for Stitched Smile Publications, David works as a Software Developer and lives in Coventry with his wife, three cats and an ever-growing beard. David's wife once asked him if he'd write about how great she was. David replied that he would, because he specialized in short fiction. Despite that, they are still married.

Publications – Released
  • "The Shadow Cast by the World”, Self-published collection of short stories, November 2013.
  • “The Shadow Cast by the World”, Fear’s Accomplice Volume 1, NoodleDoodle Publications, February 2014
  • “Undercurrent”, Terror at The Beach, NoodleDoodle Publications, August 2014
  • “Forever and Ever, Armageddon”, Self-published collection of short stories, October 2014
  • “The Spying Game”, collaborative comic strip with Simon Myers (, November 2014
  • “Sovereign’s Last Hurrah”, Caped, Local Hero Press LLC, November 2015
  • “The Digit That Was Death”, Strangely Funny III, Mystery & Horror LLC, April 2016
  • “The Revengineers”, Gift of the Magi, Infective Ink, April 2016
  • “Safety Record”, The Flash Fiction Press, April 2016
  • “In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors”, Weird Ales, Quantum Corsets, April 2016
  • “Good Dog”, Flash Fear, Quantum Corsets, June 2016
  • “Blasphemous Tumours”, Unleashing The Voices Within, Stitched Smile Publications, June 2016
  • “Saviour Machine”, 47-16 Volume 2: Inspired by David Bowie, Penny Dreadful, August 2016
  • “83”, Tales to Terrify Podcast, November 2016
  • “Let it Cry”, Tales to Terrify Podcast, August 2017
  • “Power Trip”, Sparks, Burdizzo Books, October 2017
  • “Undercurrent”, Hydrophobia, Stitched Smile Publications, November 2017
  • "Drummers Drumming", 12 days of Christmas, Burdizzo Books, December 2018
  • "Our Elegant Decay", Stitched Smile Magazine #1, Stitched Smile Publications, January 2018
Publications – Forthcoming
  • “Tales of Mild Peril”, Collection of short stories, Stitched Smile, to be released in 2018
  • “Bogeyman”, Twisted Dark, TPub Comics, to be released in 2018
  • “Battlesuit”, Twisted Sci-Fi, TPub Comics, to be released in 2018
  • “Obsession”, Twisted Sci-Fi, TPub Comics, to be released in 2018
  • “Clerical Oversight”, Futurequake, Futurequake Press
Current Works
  • “Version Control”, a body horror novel.
  • “Recreant”, the first part of a Dark Sci-fi series
Writing Memberships
  • Readwave, Editor, 2014-2015
  • HWA (Horror Writers Association), 2017 - Present
  • Member, Coventry Writers Group, 2015-Present

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