Thursday, March 1, 2018

"It's Marshmallow time!"

Hi, all! Hope you're all good. An update is well overdue, so let me bring you up to speed with a couple of projects I've been working on.

Stitched Smile Magazine

We are here for the horror connoisseur, serving up the very best dishes of the strange, the frightening, and the horrifically beautiful. It’s sixty-four full color pages crammed to busting with work by supremely talented authors, poets, and artists! Dark twisting tales, full page art work, and in depth interviews, reviews, and articles, are sure to delight even the harshest of critics.

The first issue of this is now available. It's a fine body of work that I'm pleased to be a part of, and features a wide variety of original fiction, reviews, articles, poetry and art from the talents of A.J. Brown, Andrew Robertson, Eric Snelleman, David Owain Hughes, James Matthew Byers, Jason Morton, Lance Fling, Larissa Bennett, Lisa Vasquez, Mike Lane, Michaline Slemp, Martin Spernau, Nev Murray, Pawel Latkoski, Reed Novotny, SISU and Veronica Smith. 

The magazine features a brand new story from myself, "Our Elegant Decay", which is a dark tale of botany and betrayal.

There are more details about it here, and you can buy a Kindle or physical copy of it from here. MF Wahl has done a great job on it and it's an awesome read, and hopefully there will be many more to follow.

Stitched Saturday

I curate* the Stitched Saturday page over on the Stitched Smile Blog. I post up an inspirational picture at the start of the month, and I encourage authors to write something based on the image. The added bonus of it going forwards is that we're planning on collecting the best of them for a Halloween anthology, and any authors chosen will be paid $10.00 and get an electronic copy of the finished collection. If you're of an artistic bent, go and have a look!

* - Do some stuff on

Declaration of Independents

Coventry visionary Rees Finlay (writer and artist behind the excellent and previously reviewed Blue Flame) has a wonderful regular Podcast called "The Declaration of Independents".  It's a celebration of independent creativity, and every week he interviews writers, artists and the like. He interviewed me for it a couple of weeks ago, and it's now edited and up online for your (dubious) delectation and delight.

Amongst other things we discussed our mutual love for ikea plush sharks, we put the world to rights politically (you're welcome), I related the story of how Alan Moore told me to fuck off, and we found out just how many marshmallows I could fit in my mouth. (Spoiler: It wasn't many).

It's can be found here on that YouTube malarkey, here on iTunes and here on soundcloud. Pretty much every format except for 8-track and Fisher Price My First Record Player.

Please give it a listen, give it a rating (a good one, preferably) and, if you enjoy it, pop him a couple of quid to support Rees in his endeavours.

Other stuff

Scenes of Mild Peril now has a wonderful cover courtesy of the talents of SISU, and is the final touches of editing. so will hopefully be released very soon. I have a couple of stories that are due to appear in forthcoming anthologies, more details of which as I know them.

Also, I've finally got around to updating my publication history, if you fancy a look.

Anyway, thanks for reading - take care, and I'll have more news for you soon! Do try and check out some of the links above.

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