Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just like buses, you wait ages...

...and then two come along at once!  It's all been a bit quiet on here lately as I've been ridiculously busy, but I thought it timely to give you an update about recent developments.

Firstly, FLASH FEAR is now available in paperback.  It's a horror anthology (edited by the excellent Jonathan Butcher) containing a shedload of bite-sized pieces or horrific or dark flash fiction. As well as a story by my good self ("Good Dog"), it features pieces by such great authors as Andrew Lawston, Theresa Derwin, Matty-Bob Cash and A Stuart Williams. 

Pat-a-Cake by Lily Childs
Love is Blind - Duncan Ralston
The Colour Red and Lost and Found by Theresa Derwin
Good Dog by David Court
A Mother’s Love by Jonathan Butcher
Things to Do in Whitby When You’re Dead by A. Stuart Williams

The Sofa, the Sofa by Matthew Cash Wise Monkey by Pauline E. Dungate
Candy by John Wesley
A King’s Plunder by Timothy Frasier
Polly Gone by Nathan Robinson
Souvenirs by Irene Kingshott
The Letter by Steve Cotterill

The Men Who Value Everything in Money by James Everington
Prey for the Dead by Andrew Lawston
Corpse Mother by J. Rodimus Fowler
The Moon-Lit Bath of Retribution and Resurrection by J Rodimus Fowler

The Notebook by Meredith Black
The Song of Restoration by Lily Childs
The White Room by Charlotte Baker

Hell of a Christmas by Timothy Frasier
The Computer that Would Not Die by Olli Jacobs
The Mirror by Lynn M. Cochrane

It's published by Quantum Corsets and is available on Amazon by clicking on this handy link.

Secondly, "Unleashing The Voices Within", a horror anthology from Stitched Smile Publications LLC, has an impending release of June the 22nd. It features the following tales:

A Mirror Never Lies by David Owain Hughes
A Voice in a Box by Katie MacMillan
Blasphemous Tumours by David Court
Brattle-Boro by Michael Freeman
Cabinet of Truth by David Golightly
Cult of the Angel Eaters by Mark Deloy
Cutting Lies by Briana Robertson
Final Delivery by Jeff Dawson
Jacob's Mind by Ty Schwamberger
Janie's Got a Gun by Author Lisa Vasquez
Lullaby and Goodnight by C.S Anderson
Night Train Fights by Justin Gowland
Normalcy by Kristina Brooks
One Last Conversation by Veronica Smith
Pure Soprano of Death by Norbert Góra
Sandy by R. R. Judas Brown
Scarab by J C Michael
The Darkness by Jeff Parsons
The Killer and the Clergyman by Kevin Hayes
The Voice of Absolution by Ash Hartwell
Watch Out by Jeffrey Blevins
What the Heart Wants by Frank Martin

In other news, the final draft of Version Control - my first full length novel - is finally completed, and I'm beginning to sort out the launch details for "Scenes of Mild Peril", my next bumper collection of short stories.

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Have a great weekend!

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