Thursday, May 31, 2018

Visions from the Void

June the 1st sees the release of "Visions From The Void", the new anthology from Burdizzo books. Available in both paperback and for the Kindle, it's an anthology of twelve tales, each inspired by an individual and unique piece of Op-art.

I was honoured to be asked to take part, especially amongst such esteemed company, and it promises to be a really interesting read.  Those involved were challenged to come up with something outside of their typical genre, and I'm genuinely intrigued to see what everybody else has come up with.

These are the authors and their slices of surrealism;

Kayleigh Marie Edwards – Shut Up and Dance
Adam Millard – Checkmate
Emma Dehaney – Ten-Minute Warning
John McNee – Uncommon Time
Paula D. Ashe – Exile in Extremis
Kit Power – The Prickles
Jonathan Butcher – The Jazziverse
Lydian Faust – Third-Eye
David Court – Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
J. G. Clay – The Cruellest Gift
Duncan P. Bradshaw – It Sucks When You’re All Seeds and No Feathers
Matthew Cash – Grotto

The link to buy can be found here - you won't be disappointed!

ThIs Is NoT a NoRmAl AnThOlOgY…
If you are expecting a neat, predictable set of stories TURN BACK NOW
If you want horror but hate bizarro or getting “the feels” THEN STEP AWAY
This collection of tales is what happens when one man’s art meets 12 authors fiction, and when writers are free to ignore their genre of choice and typical story conventions.
12 eye-challenging op-art designs were used to inspire these 12 mind-bending stories, which contain everything from futuristic sci-fi to fantastical comedy, and heartfelt life musings to near-cosmic nihilism.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"It's Marshmallow time!"

Hi, all! Hope you're all good. An update is well overdue, so let me bring you up to speed with a couple of projects I've been working on.

Stitched Smile Magazine

We are here for the horror connoisseur, serving up the very best dishes of the strange, the frightening, and the horrifically beautiful. It’s sixty-four full color pages crammed to busting with work by supremely talented authors, poets, and artists! Dark twisting tales, full page art work, and in depth interviews, reviews, and articles, are sure to delight even the harshest of critics.

The first issue of this is now available. It's a fine body of work that I'm pleased to be a part of, and features a wide variety of original fiction, reviews, articles, poetry and art from the talents of A.J. Brown, Andrew Robertson, Eric Snelleman, David Owain Hughes, James Matthew Byers, Jason Morton, Lance Fling, Larissa Bennett, Lisa Vasquez, Mike Lane, Michaline Slemp, Martin Spernau, Nev Murray, Pawel Latkoski, Reed Novotny, SISU and Veronica Smith. 

The magazine features a brand new story from myself, "Our Elegant Decay", which is a dark tale of botany and betrayal.

There are more details about it here, and you can buy a Kindle or physical copy of it from here. MF Wahl has done a great job on it and it's an awesome read, and hopefully there will be many more to follow.

Stitched Saturday

I curate* the Stitched Saturday page over on the Stitched Smile Blog. I post up an inspirational picture at the start of the month, and I encourage authors to write something based on the image. The added bonus of it going forwards is that we're planning on collecting the best of them for a Halloween anthology, and any authors chosen will be paid $10.00 and get an electronic copy of the finished collection. If you're of an artistic bent, go and have a look!

* - Do some stuff on

Declaration of Independents

Coventry visionary Rees Finlay (writer and artist behind the excellent and previously reviewed Blue Flame) has a wonderful regular Podcast called "The Declaration of Independents".  It's a celebration of independent creativity, and every week he interviews writers, artists and the like. He interviewed me for it a couple of weeks ago, and it's now edited and up online for your (dubious) delectation and delight.

Amongst other things we discussed our mutual love for ikea plush sharks, we put the world to rights politically (you're welcome), I related the story of how Alan Moore told me to fuck off, and we found out just how many marshmallows I could fit in my mouth. (Spoiler: It wasn't many).

It's can be found here on that YouTube malarkey, here on iTunes and here on soundcloud. Pretty much every format except for 8-track and Fisher Price My First Record Player.

Please give it a listen, give it a rating (a good one, preferably) and, if you enjoy it, pop him a couple of quid to support Rees in his endeavours.

Other stuff

Scenes of Mild Peril now has a wonderful cover courtesy of the talents of SISU, and is the final touches of editing. so will hopefully be released very soon. I have a couple of stories that are due to appear in forthcoming anthologies, more details of which as I know them.

Also, I've finally got around to updating my publication history, if you fancy a look.

Anyway, thanks for reading - take care, and I'll have more news for you soon! Do try and check out some of the links above.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sparks - It's Alive!!!

Yesterday saw the release party for Sparks at Southcart Books in Walsall. If you haven't been following my facebook page, Sparks is an electricity themed horror anthology where all the proceeds will be going to Resources for Autism, an incredibly worthy cause.

It's available on Amazon (click here for the link) and features a veritable wealth of talent including Emma Dehaney, Matthew Cash, Mark Cassell, Calum Chambers, Pippa Bailey, Betty Breen, Peter Germany, Lex Jones, Christopher Law, Dani Brown, G.H. Finn, C.H. Baum, Ash Hartwell and yours truly.

It was a great day; there were readings, and also - crucially - sausage rolls and twiglets.  Here's wishing every success to the book, and that it does some good for a great cause. The reviews coming in are really good, and Matthew and Emma should be very proud of themselves for having put together such a great collection.

I read the opening segments from my contribution to the book - a twisted little tale called Power Trip.  Said video can be found by clicking here, should you so wish!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tales to Terrify - Let It Cry

Very pleased to announce that my story "Let It Cry" is featured on the 289th edition of the Tales to Terrify podcast.

"Let it Cry" is one of the stories from the forthcoming "Scenes of Mild Peril", my next anthology of short stories to be released by the awesome Stitched Smile Publications.  It's a favourite of mine, and was inspired by a trip around haunted and macabre spots located in and around Dublin. It's the first every story of mine that has involved any actual historical research!  Click here to give it a listen.

Tales to Terrify is a Hugo nominated weekly horror podcast that's been going since January 2012. Some notable authors featured on it include Christoper Fowler, Steven King, Joe R Lansdale, Stephen Volk and Kim Newman.

If you've found your way through to here via Tales to Terrify and you like what you've heard, why not follow me on Facebook and Twitter? Cheers!


Thursday, June 15, 2017


Part of Londons burning,
the heart of Londons burning
in a building which
now serves as little more
than a pretty pyre
for the rich.


Monday, June 5, 2017


Frayed dried twig fingers knead lumps of pink matter,
Into a bloodied straw mass that grows fatter and fatter.
The donor, a victim that life has eschewed,
Her cold flesh as scarlet as her ruby red shoes.
A needle, a thread – open straw scars are sewed,
as blood drips to the bricks of the long amber road.
Then the murderer sings, with a cheery refrain
‘"If I Only" No longer, now that I have my brain.’

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Thing from Another World

Toppling towards Earth,
the place of our birth,
is something burning bright like a furnace.
It’s an alien vessel,
which at a rough guess will
plummet out of control to the surface.

There are few places parkier
than the depths of Antarctica,
where the landscape is nothing but snow.
But then something of note, a
loud helicopter rotor
of a chopper that’s hovering low.

They’re in hot pursuit
of a stray Malamute
but keep failing to hit with their gun.
The Norwegians are frustrated
and get quite agitated when
it reaches Outpost thirty-one.

The chopper lands on a verge as
the gunner emerges
and pulls out a grenade which he’d stowed.
The throw’s fucked up a treat
and it lands at his feet
and the pilot and chopper explode.

With reckless abandon
He keeps shooting at random,
gibbering, clearly off his head.
As stray bullets fly by,
Bennings is caught in the thigh,
and Garry shoots the Norwegian stone dead.

MacReady and Doc. Copper
head off in their chopper
and find that the Norwegian base is
just a charred shell that’s filled
with dead bodies, as well
as a humanoid corpse with two faces.

They bring it from there
for their biologist, Blair.
“This thing isn’t human,” he proposes.
and meanwhile the mutt
confirms somethings afoot,
as the bloody thing metamorphoses.

Whilst their dogs buy the farm,
MacReady pulls the alarm
and Childs turns the dogs into toast
Blair checks out the corpse
“This is alien, of course,
and can perfectly mimic its host”.

“It’s from an alien race
come from deep outer space
and we can’t let it get out of here.
If it reaches civilization,
It’ll mean all our damnation.
Earth’ll be assimilated in just a few years.”

Bennings dies by cremation,
caught mid-transformation,
and they’re forced to lock Blair in the shed.
With an axe he went crazy, Oh,
and chopped up the radio
and killed all the sled dogs stone dead.

Copper says “With our blood,
a simple test should
reveal the alien now rather than later.”
But the blood stores are trashed,
al the samples left smashed.
It’s clear now that there is a traitor.

The biologist Fuchs
says that he’ll take a look,
and that he’ll continue Blair’s studies.
But later that night
of him there’s no sight
so venture outside, do his buddies.

They find Fuch’s corpse burnt black,
and so Windows heads back
in order to go raise the alert.
Nauls too, is deflated
fearing his friend assimilated
when he finds a scrap of MacReady’s torn shirt.

As the team congregate
to debate MacReady’s fate,
he appears with explosives, quite stressed.
“I’ll blow you to bits,
If you attack me, you shits.”
(Norris suffers a cardiac arrest).

Without hesitation, they try
The outcome for Norris looks bleak
but to their disbelief
his stomach sprouts teeth
and teaches Copper a hands-off technique.

The mutated fellow
is toasted like a marshmallow
although one you wouldn’t dare digest
“Windows, gather everyone round
and tie them all down.
We’re going to try out a test.”

Clark, who fears for his life,
goes for him with a knife,
and MacReady just shoots the man dead.
They’re all stunned into silence
by this act of violence
having seen their friend shot in the head.

“Guys” said MacReady,
“I think I’ve got a theory.
The alien just wants to survive.
if we can just determine,
who’s a host to this vermin,
then we might just stay alive.”

Everyone tied and seated,
a copper wire’s heated
and placed into samples of blood.
But when the wire tip was probin’
Palmer’s Haemoglobin
it leapt off as far as it could.

With little advance warning,
Palmer’s now transforming
as tentacles sprout from his head
Windows hesitates to flame him,
and death comes to claim him
and MacReady has to burn them both dead.

Garry’s been through the wringer,
He feels loathe to linger, so
it’s only fair that he seems a grouch.
“You’ve been through a lot,
but I would rather not
spend Winter tied to this fucking couch”

With Childs left to guard,
the others head to the yard
in order to go and test Blair.
They open his shed
and find they’ve all been misled.
The alien has tunnelled out of there.

Though they thought him Mammalian,
turns out Blair is an alien
and the blighter’s given them the slip
He’s been scavenging equipment
which is for his ship meant,
and has part-built a makeshift space ship.

Garry looks all forlorn.
“The Generator’s gone”
“Is there any way we can fix it?”,
MacReady asks with a frown.
Garry stares at the ground,
“No, I meant as in somebodies nicked it”

“Oh, bugger, shit and damn,
I know the things plan.”
MacReady states, with some consternation.
“We’ll all freeze to death,
and we’ll breathe our last breath –
it’ll be safe whilst it’s in hibernation”

The most hopeful prognosis
was to lay the explosives
agreed the remaining three guys
The dynamite was placed
(and Blair melts Garry’s face)
but then came the biggest surprise.

A vast tentacled Blair
bursts out into the air
popping open like some vile haemorrhoid
But with some dynamite (the last),
MacReady triggers the blast
And the base and the beast are destroyed.

As the flames all burn higher,
MacReady sits by the fire
as Childs reappears with a wry smile.
They can do nothing but watch
as they both share some Scotch.
“Why don’t we both just wait here a while.”